Our Market Focus

Our home market is the Nordic countries, but our market scope is global. We want to be present in projects matching our skills and requirements all over the world. We are permanently based in both Finland and Sweden.

Our focus rests solely on commercial customers, meaning business to business. We know that these projects are those where we can contribute the most and that best suit our organizational structure.

It’s The 11th Hour To Go Electric

We aim to contribute to the ongoing energy transition in our global society by utilizing our knowledge paired with market leading technologies. We actively help our customers reduce their carbon footprint through electrification, while simultaneously contributing to an ever more digitalized energy and transportation market.

We focus on commercial applications in market segments that provide sound business cases through implementation of modern technology

Continuously strengthening team of experts

Counted in volume, battery energy storage solutions will account for at least half of our turnover, with an even balance between eMobility and eMarine within charging activities. Eleven Energy plans on steady and consistent growth within all markets segments.

We aim to continuously strengthen our team through investing in strategic local offices and additional recruitment, in order to keep our relevance and vicinity to our market and customers and their projects.

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