Our solutions for charging and energy storage

We at Eleven Energy offer first-rate battery and energy storage for a wide-ranging array of applications including road traffic, naval vessels, and the industrial sector.

Electric Energy Applications – Our Value Proposition

  • Commercial applications for Charging Technology and Battery Energy Storage Systems.
  • On-shore Stationary, eMobility and eMarine applications.
  • Integrated projects, combining Charging Systems with Battery Energy Storage buffers.
  • Skills, Knowledge and Insight to stifle project complexity with solid global procurement and M&O process.
  • Adding value to the supply chain as an EPC contractor or second stage Integrator.

Stationary Battery Energy Storage Systems

Utilities, DSO’s and Grid Operators

Batteries can be utilized for a multitude of applications in the energy sector. Batteries have proven to be a great solution towards solving the problem of demand response and peak load balancing/shaving.

Utilities and DSO’s, engaged in the electrical distribution market, show all the more interest in engaging FCR on the frequency regulation market, usually combined with a second revenue stream for the batteries, e.g. support slots or power supply backup, enabling solid business cases.

Energy Storage for Microgrids

Microgrids often refer to power production related to Photovoltaics or PW (solar), wind turbines, combined heat & power or different generators, and are self-sufficient energy systems.

Batteries are perfect complements to microgrids for improving the business case, as the trickiest thing with renewable energy production is that it is an intermittent energy source, and thus not consistently available.

Industrial, Construction, Mining and Specialty Applications

Batteries can be applied in a broad variety of ways in industrial, construction, mining and specialty applications. Batteries can be made in more mobile designs, allowing for them to be transported frequently.

Batteries can serve as mobile and fixed power supplies and backups, replacing and/or complementing diesel gensets.

Industrial battery applications can provide noticeable fuel savings, as well as substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.

Transportation – eMobility

Charging Solutions

We engage in the electrification of commercial vehicles, such as electric buses, lorries and loading equipment. There is a variety of charging systems and principles, ranging from Oppcharge to roof-mounted pantographs, as well as depot chargers with both cable and pantograph.

In collaboration with our market leading partners, we can provide the complete package for electrification of entire fleets, as well as unique projects.

Choosing the Right Solution

As there are different solutions and principles to commercial eMobility, one needs to consider this as the earliest possible stage. Different solutions provide differences in operating range and charging time (thus also in timetables), equipment and compatibility of the vehicle, maintenance and also availability of local support.

Pantograph charging requires charging towers or roof-mounting, providing fast and high-power on route charging, while depot charging usually takes place during night or longer breaks, commonly with cable connection.

Naval Electrification – eMarine

Charging Solutions

We focus mainly on the electrification of smaller vessels, normally suited for archipelago and lake-based traffic. We aim to be an expert when it comes to performing the charging activities between a landside charging station and a floating vessel. Our scope of delivery include pantograph charging towers, bow-type chargers as well as landside and vessel mounted cable reels.

Onshore Power Supply

Power supply buffer stations installed on land in the form of batteries, provide energy supply buffers for fast charging activities, which can be a necessity when some chargers go up to 16MW of power delivery.

These battery stations can also act as grid stabilizators and for peak shaving, as well as replacing the need for performing expensive upgrades to electrical grid connections. Cost reduction can be gained e.g. in ports with high tariffs for electrical supply.

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